Sunday, September 25, 2005

Windows Is Offically Broken - Microsoft has admitted it

Windows is broken and Microsoft has admitted it. In an unprecedented attempt to explain its Longhorn problems and how it abandoned its traditional way of working, the normally secretive software giant has given unparalleled access to The Wall Street Journal, even revealing how Vice President Jim Allchin, personally broke the bad news to Bill Gates.

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Google Video

ha Ha ha ...
Karaoke + idiots + google video = hilarity

Watch this and enjoy

Robot chicken? how could I have missed this?
Great cannonball run spoof starting halfway

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Official Shotgun Rules

The Offcial rules for calling Shotgun.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A troll enters MSDN and flames .net
Instead of flames he gets:

U should accept that Microsoft is not really concetrating to produce a
really good programming platform.

they are just doing like

"Handing over a toy to a crying child"

Heres your link

This is a big computer

Running 288 cpu's, 144 GB of ram, and only 11.5 TB of disk space.

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Monday, September 19, 2005 Website Storage

This is just a cool website where you can store any type of file up to 10 mb. Great if you need a place to host .mp3s or .jpgs. and no registration is required.

Count the days till this site is down.

Allowed file type are : .jpg ; .bmp ; .jpeg ; .gif ; .png ; .wmv ; .mpg ; .mpeg ; .avi ; .mov ; .asf ; .asx ; .3g2 ; .mp4 ; .mp3 ; .wav ; .wma ; .mid ; .midi ; .pdf ; .ram ; .rm ; .3gp ; .doc ; .psd ; .txt ; .pps ; .ppt ; .xls ; .rtf ; .3ds ; .max ; .zip ; .rar ; .swf

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Google to offer secure WiFi VPN

I could access the page, then it went away...Google Secure Access is a downloadable client application that allows users to establish a more secure WiFi connection. By using Google Secure Access, your internet traffic will be encrypted, preventing others from viewing the information you transmit.

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NASA's New Spaceship

After 40 years, NASA uses same plan for a moonshot, except now with 2 rockets for double the tax payer money.

Label this plan as STUPID and move on.

I can see a 2 rocket system could work; one for parts, one for umm technical crew. Why launch them at the same time? If we can land little robots on Mars, we can land a tractor-trailer worth of supplies on the moon remotely.
Then maybe some real work can be done on the moon instead of golfing and rock collecting.

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Ballmer Admits Microsoft Borrow's Apple's Ideas

Well, kind of. From the story: "Some people will say some of the features are kissing cousins to features they've seen elsewhere, and that is true. I'm not apologetic about the fact that we should, in a way that doesn't offend anyone else's intellectual property, study and learn and benefit from the work others have done."

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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Best use of telephony evar...


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Man Survives Being Shocked by 2,000 Volts

On friday 35 yr old man stubs his toe and falls on a wire, shocking him with 2000 volts.
Goes back to work after the weekend.

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Russian Special Services say Google Earth helps Terrorists

From the Article:
Russian military expert, Lt.-Gen. Leonid Sazhin, said that “from now on international terrorists do not have to inspect the site of a would-be terrorist attack. An international company is doing the work for them”.

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Apple iPod Nano

Take everything you love about iPod and shrink it. Now shrink it again. With 2GB (500 songs) and 4GB (1,000 songs) models starting at $199, the pencil-thin iPod nano packs the entire iPod experience into an impossibly small design. So small, it will take your music places you never dreamed of.

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The Wayback machine's Spec's

Storing almost all the data on the net over the last 10 years must be hard. See the kinda lengths that the Wayback machine goes to, to keep track of our digital past. I hope you know what a Petabyte is...

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Yahoo threatens to sue blog network for posting info on saving music videos

Yahoo! Spain has threatened legal action against growing Spanish blog network Weblogs SL over a post on their software blog Genbeta that provided information on how to download videos from Yahoo! Launch.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Auto Bartender

This guy show you how he built an auto bartender.
Complete with an LCD Screen for "mixed" drink making.

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Ten MORE CSS Tricks You May Not Know

"Ten CSS tricks you may not know" has proven to be such a success that they've offered ten more CSS tricks that you may not know. Invisible text, minimum page widths, another box model hack alternative and more. Everything a newbie CSS coder should know and things the pro may have missed.

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Open Source Skype Alternative

This open source alternative to skype brings to the table the ability to establish sip calls, send SMS, video conference, and automatic NAT configuration. Stable client for windows only, but they also have a Linux, OSX and WinCE clients.

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Unlimited fuel for everyone! This car runs on air!

The Air Car runs on compressed air, no petroleum-based fuel required. Brings a new meaning to "greenhouse gases..."

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cats in Sinks

The internet will revolutionize the way we communicate, or it will allow people to share stupic cat pictures.
Cats in

Friday, September 02, 2005

Microsoft must drop its Office politics

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decided that all state organisations should use open standards for their documents.