Sunday, December 25, 2005

Google Video Strikes again

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Computer program claims to predict box office success

Professor Ramesh Sharda of the Oklahoma State University claims to have written a software program that can predict, based on data available before a movie's full release, whether or not that film will become a hit.

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c-jump: computer programming board game

A board game and a programming language merge into what has to be
the most geekiest present under the tree.

The c-jump Boardgame

New Development Tool from SickHead Games

Torsion is a newly released TorqueScript development tools designed to make mods and games using TorqueScript. For the true programmers. . .

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Google Homepage API Released

The personalized homepage was created to bring together the stuff that interests you from across the web. From an engineering perspective, this became an opportunity to create a framework for all types of content and information. Supporting RSS and Atom feeds was one step in that direction.

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Internet Explorer RSS Icon: It's Firefox's

"I am excited to announce that we are adopting the icon used in Firefox." Is Microsoft softening up? Or softening us up?

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Pentagon admits mistake in spying on Americans, vows to expunge database.

The Pentagon has built a massive security database to help protect U.S. military interests that includes unwarranted information on war opponents and peace activists in the United States. A DOD official now says it had mistakenly swept up and kept information on citizens who were not really threats.

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